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Maurice (Toby) Arnold (1907 - 1994)

Surgeon and Anatomist

MBBCh (Witwatersrand), FRCS (Edinburgh), MD (Hon. causa) (NSW)

South African by birth, Professor Arnold served as a surgeon in the Union Defence Force (1940-46) in North Africa, the Middle East and Italy. He taught generations of medical students at the University of Witwatersrand (1946-60) and, in this country, at the Universities of Queensland (1961-3), Sydney (1971-1983) and New South Wales (1966-70, 1983-1994). He was author of Reconstructive Anatomy (1968) and Man's Anatomy (1983). In the Department of Anatomy and Histology at The University of Sydney, he developed the catalogues of the J.T. Wilson Museum and taught colleagues and students with learning and infectious enthusiasm. This glossary is another of his achievements.

Gladly would he learn, and gladly teach
(from Chaucer's Tales, of the scholar Oxenford).