Adult & Developing Visual System Group
Bodgan Dreher

Work in my lab focuses on; (i) the functional organisation of mammalian striate and extra-striate cortices, especially the interaction between different information channels and 2)the role of the so-called "feedback" projections from the "higher-order" extra-striate visual areas to the "lower-order" visual areas (including the primary visual cortices) and subcortical visual nuclei. We approach these problems using physiological techniques, in particular study the receptive field properties of single neurones in a given area;selective inactivation of so-called Y-information channel; selective reversible inactivation of different cortical areas; cross-correlation analysis of discharges of individual cells located in a given area or in the neighbouring areas. The third problem on which we currently focus on is the extent, time-course and the mechanism(s)of topographic reorganisation in mammalian visual cortices following circumscribed lesions of retina in adult or adolescent mammals.